Cold snap causes serious problems for SMEs

Weather plays a vital role in the success of small medium enterprises, thus, a decline in profit of the small businesses happens during extreme weather condition. This is highly apparent in the recent snow problems that the country experienced, stifling already mired small business conditions.

During cold weather season, heavy snow can halt the transportation of goods and can cause a huge problem especially to SMEs. Staff having a problem in finding transport to work is a common problem that small businesses have to face during winter season. Deliveries are delayed, and orders are not fulfilled, causing a negative domino effect on many small businesses in cities and localities nationwide.

It’s definitely not the first time that a severe weather condition caused a huge problem on work operations. During the year 2010, the region experienced a £716 loss in profit due to the extreme weather that they named “big freeze”, 37% of that number belongs to the small businesses. Based on YouGov’s study 13% of the companies suffered a serious threat during that time.

As the temperature continue to slide down this year, FPB or Forum of Private Business presented a reminder to the SMEs to create a well thought plans to deal with the changing weather. Backup plans should be implemented, as well as an adaptable logistic system that will be usable for days when extreme weather conditions are experienced.

Throughout heavy snow, there are countless problems a small business has to encounter. Some of this includes distraction to public vehicles and roads creating a huge disturbance for the working individuals to find a way to go to their respected works, furthermore weather disturbance like this can cause power interruptions. Robert Downes, FPB’s spokespersonm elucidated that SMEs are susceptible to experience major loss if they failed to recommence trading within a few days.