Cisco Systems announce changes to SME services

Cisco Systems have recently made the announcement that they are going to be adjusting their portfolio of products that they are offering to small businesses. This change is largely coming because the company realise that many of the small companies they work with are going to be wanting more mobile technologies, including cloud computing.

In order to meet this demand the company are focusing on setting up additional wireless access areas for companies, as well as increasing the number of switches and routers available to them.

The managing director for Cisco Systems in the U.K.’s David Critchley and he has commented, “We are looking to introduce more solutions for small business customers. We want to make sure that their organisations are as productive as possible and are utilising new technologies that are going to be of advantage to them.

This means making their businesses more accessible for use with smart phones and tablet computers. We are also focusing a large amount of effort on allowing customers to make better use of cloud computing.”

Mr Critchley continued, “The sort of cloud computing technology we can offer will allow companies to make use of real-time alerts, detailed reporting and even remote management capability. For small businesses speeding up their technology allows them to speed up their business.

We are keen to provide these opportunities for our customers and we are always working to do this on a level that is affordable for them. The basic service we are offering starts at just $250.”