CBI unhappy with Government behaviour

The director of CBI Scotland has accused the government ministers of ‘disappointing behaviour.’

Iain McMillan stated that actions on behalf of the Holyrood ministers created some questions about how sincere they are in their efforts to help business and the economy.

He did however say that the government should receive some credit of their policy triumphs in 2009 such as changing the way that planning happens within the system.

However, McMillan said that despite the changes the government needs to focus more on the economy and helping out the business sector if they want to get close to the main goal of increasing Scotland’s growth within the UK.

In order to get there ministers will need to enact policies that help to promote the growth of the economy instead of hinder its further growth.

McMillan pointed to building up the rail infrastructure, speeding up invoice payments from suppliers, and keeping the business rate parity all as beneficial ways to make this happen.    In the midst of these helpful policies he still stated that many moves were made that hurt the economy.

One such failure was the cancellation of the Garl project (Glasgow Airport Rail Link) that made it impossible for the private sector to deliver public services.

Chancellor Alistair Darling also faced criticism for refusing to let Scotland accelerate their funding next year in a move that some say could harm the progress of the economic recovery.  The CBI message was later described by many as a harsh critique of the ministers.