CBI Scotland still unhappy with slow SME payments

CBI Scotland is once again campaigning against organizations that are publicly funded and local councils within Scotland to pay invoices from suppliers within ten days to help the companies better manage throughout the recession.

The CBI stated that it would like to see public authorities advertise the new payment procedures on the portal for national public procurement, the Public Contracts Scotland.

The demand by the CBI comes at the same time that The Scotsman published reports that state that only 89% of the invoices that were given to the Scottish Government were paid in ten days during December.

This is an increase from October of 2008 when it was found that only 15% of all invoices were paid within ten days which prompted the SNP administration to create a ten day pledge.

According to data from the Scottish Government the public sector spends around £8b per year on services and goods.

Assistant director of CBI Scotland, David Lonsdale, stated that the new data shows that Scottish ministers are making a significant amount of progress with the issue by helping suppliers across the country.

However, Lonsdale went on to say that now they need to see public authorities advertise and sign up their tendering opportunities on Public Contracts Scotland.

The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities did not comment on the issue.