CBI outlines plans for any new government

The CBI will release a new manifesto for business that outlines what the group believes the governments priorities should be after the election is over, regardless of which party ends up with in power.

The CBI outlines in its 12 point plan the need to take action against youth unemployment, further stabilization of the banking sector, and a new plan that is more coherent to address the way that Britain’s public finances are handled.

Additionally, other areas that need addressed are public sector pension reform, energy security, and a better focus on becoming a low carbon economy.

Outside of these areas, the CBI also stated that the government needs to quickly address these issues by creating timetables that will deal with each of the priorities stated by the CBI within the first 100 days following the election, when the new people in power take over.

CBI deputy director general, John Cridland, said the economy is still the biggest priority of the incoming government power. He stated that although every new government has a lot to get done in its first few days in office, the economy needs to be considered every step of the way in particular with the global recession, and the current state of public finances.