Cambridge University set to support manufacturing SMEs

A scheme run by the University of Cambridge is going to support small and medium-sized businesses that are working in the manufacturing sector.

IfM Education and Consultancy Services is a part of the institute and it has been tasked with managing the project.

It is going to be responsible for informing ambitious firms how to create employment, increase their revenues, and ultimately boost profitability.

Dr Derek Ford works at IfM as the head of the small business team and he has commented, “The programme that we are starting understands that most senior managers at a small company are responsible for actually working in their business. They will have roles that range from finance, to sales and marketing. Unfortunately, this means that they often do not have time to work on growing their business. We want to show them how to do this, even with minimal resources and time.”

There are several stages to the project that we involve small companies in. We are going to help them create an action plan which creates strategies for the company and helps them identify new opportunities. We’re also going to work on how they compete in the market and also how they can develop their capabilities.

The facilitators involved with the program offer a great deal of management experience in manufacturing firms and are going to be transferring knowledge to these companies. The head of Dale Foods is Rob Dale and he has previously worked with the team, he said, “They’re a fantastic team to work with and they can offer an unrivalled amount of academic excellence as well as practical experience.”