Businesses with a plan are more successful

When someone starts to talk about a business plan most people start to think about sitting down to right out an official business plan.  A quick glance for reference material will reveal plenty of software, articles, books, and consultants that are prepared to aid you create your own business plan, but ironically there are little resources that will actually help you build a planning system that is continuous and able to evolve to meet today’s changing business environment.

Most business theory suggests that in order for a business to prosper and survive in the competitive environment it must be flexible and able to switch directions as conditions change.  Therefore, a five year written plan of how things should progress hardly seems helpful in the long term.  In actuality, trying to stick to a five year plan long term may actually hurt a business in the long run because it is a bit like trying to be flexible and follow a schedule- it’s impossible.

Ironically, even though it is almost universally accepted that a formal written business plan is the key to a successful business there are not any surveys or studies that actually show whether this is the truth.

After all, if business plans were truly a necessity there should be a clear discrepancy between businesses that have a plan and those that never bothered to craft a business plan.  With this thought in mind, perhaps more focus should be shifted on how a business processes instead of how planners think it should before it actually is launched and tested in the business world.