Build a social network in minutes

The growth of social networking on the internet has been rapid and is only likely to continue into the future as social networks grow in number and size. Businesses are increasingly looking to expand their presence online and provide a medium for their customers through which they can interact. Equally the market of social networking software has become a fairly lucrative one that many businesses are looking to move into and provide social networks for their clients. Thus the interest in people looking to develop and create social networks is growing all the time as they become an important tool of the present and the future. Internet security however is an additional factor that users need to consider when building a social network. There is a good availability of free antivirus software available to help ensure that your computer and internet activities are better protected.

The availability of white label social networks is ideal for both social network developers and businesses that are looking to integrate a social network into their site. The white label functionality means that all branding can be removed from the network, allowing developers to upload their clients’ logos so that the software can be seamlessly integrated as a bespoke social network. Similarly, businesses can apply their own domain and remove all links and image references so that the network can be branded as their own and members will not know what platform it is running on.

The extensive level of customisation that you can undertake allows developers and businesses alike to create a completely unique social network. In creating a social network for business the design and layout can be radically adjusted from the admin centre in order to create a network that you are completely happy with. The point and click tools makes it simple to make changes and the layout manager allows you to drag and drop every element of the network. Developers can go a step further and make advanced developments through the API, CSS style sheets and custom HTML, or just overhaul the look and feel of the network with a few clicks of the mouse.

The features that can be utilised as part of your social network are vast and soon members will be interacting on a variety of different levels. Members that sign up can set up their own personal profile and, in turn, get chatting with fellow members, whether that is through the easy messaging services, the forums or text and video chat. These features come as standard and they can further share content such as photos and videos, write their own blogs and create and organise events within their own groups. For further accessibility the social network can be integrated with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that they are logged in with the click of a button.

A social network can be created in minutes and all that is required is for you to pick the features, monetisation option and support package that you require. Developers can make a considerable mark up by selling on the network that they create, whilst businesses can recoup money by charging for membership or premium services, and hosting advertisements and classified listings. Businesses can also select the level of help they require that is available on demand, from getting assistance with the design and setup to personal support every step of the way.