BT unveil BT Business Total Broadband Fibre product giving business traffic priority

BT Business has launched its new fibre broadband service, BT Business Total Broadband Fibre.  The product will be offering download speeds of up to 40Mb/s, from £30 per month, and provides business traffic priority at times of contention .

It is claimed that it will provide the UK’s fastest upstream speeds of up to 10Mb/s which business allows to benefit from services such as VOIP, high-definition vidoe conferencing and business-grade cloud applications.  In addition it will also make home and remote working a reality, allowing staff to remain connected to the office at all times.

A dedicated broadband “fast lane” also puts business user traffic first at times of contention to help firms continue to work faster, do more, reduce operational costs and boost productivity.

Businesses in Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway have already been enjoying the faster 40Mb/s broadband service through a BT trial. The service will now be made available to approximately 500,000 homes and businesses from 31-enabled exchanges by late February. A further two million homes and businesses will be able to access the services by late summer following the roll out of the technology by Openreach, BT’s local access division.   By 2012,  some 10 million premises – are expected to have access.

From 26 January, new and existing BT Business customers in an enabled exchange area will automatically be eligible for the fibre service. 50 per cent of UK businesses can currently also receive ADSL 2+ broadband speeds of up to 20Mb/s at no extra cost to copper services.

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