BT concerned about broadband investment

As the potential of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) is seen as being in swapping copper cables with networks of optical fibre. The Government has, as such, become bogged down with giving customers a better 2mbp service, which some believe is holding back the introduction of new technology. BT are committed to fibre optics but need reassurance that they can capitalise on any investment.

Ofcom are supporting the major players, knowing that these large ventures involving enormous amounts of money need to be encouraged by allowing a good financial return. Since BT launched the Openreach service, progress has ground to a halt so it believes that letting the networks set price levels for a more efficient service is justifiable.

The UK is the tenth most active user of Information Communication Technology as seen in the latest studies. This is despite the fact that it is one of the highest priced networks in Europe. This is a huge factor that keeps usage down, as consumers watch how much time they spend using their internet broadband and other services. .