Brilliant Email by Monica Seeley – Improve your email productivity

Brilliant Email is a new book from email expert, Dr Monica Seeley, which shows you how to save time and be more productive with email. The result is less stress and up to an extra hour every day which most people would use to have a ‘real’ lunch or take some exercise.

To find out what men and women would do with an extra hour, Monica, also known as the EmailDoctor, is running a survey. The most popular is to go for a ‘proper lunch’ with a colleague, friend or client. Close second is exercise such as a brisk walk, a jog/run or improving their golf handicap; and third is to chat to a colleague in person/make time to talk to staff and listen more. Other answers include going home on time; spending more time with family; reading one of 20 novels waiting to be read and finishing a patchwork quilt started when pregnant for the ‘baby’ who is now three years old.

Most of us suffer email overload and addiction to our inboxes. Much of it, according to Monica’s research for Brilliant Email, is caused by ineffective and inappropriate use of email. This includes the big time stealers like; over use of cc’d email, dealing with unnecessary email or emails which should never have been sent because a conversation or instant message would have been more effective. Writing the book, she explains, was her way of sharing the expertise and the many short-cuts to more productive email she has developed while working with a broad range of companies and individuals over the years.

Using many ‘real-life’ examples, Brilliant Email, is easy to dip in and out of and is packed with useful tips and hints. It has already been described by leading management expert, Professor Cary Cooper as ‘a must for overloaded emailers’. And by well-known business author, Mike Southon as ‘a jargon-free, pragmatic and effective approach to communicating brilliantly using email’.

Dr Monica Seeley, comments; “The fact that most people, if they could get an extra hour in their working day, would spend it getting out of the office for lunch, taking exercise or a chat – reflects the overload that everyone is feeling. The virtual world of communication is very exciting but we have to balance it with time for face to face relationships. It’s not too grand a claim to say that better email management will not just save time, decrease stress and increase productivity, but it will also enhance the quality and effectiveness of our lives.”

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