Boris Johnson is working with businesses in London

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is working with businesses in London so that they can smoothly plan for the arrival of the Olympic Games and is working with them to make sure the games are as profitable for them as possible.

He recently hosted a breakfast which several business leaders attended, including chief executives from companies such as HSBC, BMW, Fortnum & Mason and Marks & Spencer. There were also senior managers present from some of the largest hotels in London as well as other banks and supermarkets. He reassured those at the breakfast that he would be continuing to work with them to ensure they reaped the greatest benefit from the Games.

At the breakfast, he was listening to them to get ideas about what information they needed regarding the Olympic Games. Mr Johnson has recently been working with Transport for London and has established a website offering transport information for those looking to take public transportation during the Games.

He has also been working with BT to increase the number of internet hotspots across the city so that people can work more flexibly.At the breakfast he also thanked members of the private sector for their sponsorship investments that they’ve made into the capital city as a result of the games. Over £60 million has been invested, which has greatly reduced the burden that the taxpayer has faced.

He stated, “Our businesses are a core part of the success of the Olympic Games and we want to maximise the opportunities available to them. This is going to be a summer that London has never seen before and we are hoping that businesses will be able to benefit from this unique opportunity.” Many other key figures involved in arranging the Olympic Games were also present at the breakfast.