Big increase in flight taxes will impact business travel

Next week will see a rise in flight taxes and British Airways is speaking out about it.  The BA Chief Executive has stated that the tax will have a devastating effect on the amount of business that is done in the UK because of the increased costs of travel.

He has also been quick to point out that the hike in flight taxes will impact the average family travelling on holiday more than the rich tourist.  Families scrimp and save to put together enough money for their yearly holiday, he says, and now that holiday will cost the average family of four who are travelling to the U.S. an additional £60. In tern, the accommodation industry looks to be negatively affected. Smaller family run businesses will 'feel' it the most, while it might take some time until top boutique hotels are affected. Sources say that flight taxes will rise by up to 55%, mostly on the economy class fairs.

It is more difficult for that working man’s family to scrape up the additional air passenger duty than it is for the wealthy first class flyer, is Willie Walsh’s point.  It is a bad time to make travel more expensive to the common man and to increase the cost for people wanting to travel to and from Britain.