Benefits of Using Microsoft Exchange Solutions in your Business

It wasn’t long ago that we had to deal with having to painstakingly transfer our data to removable media or through emails. This process didn’t always produce great results because of the sensitivity of removable media and the chance that you might not have sent the email with your important files. With online file storage, we can access whatever we need wherever we are in the world. Dell Microsoft Exchange expands our mobile capabilities and turns every device into a portable version of your office computer. As its name indicates, this software deals with the ways we communicate with each other in the workplace. The most important aspect of any successful business is productive collaboration. It’s not always easy to get everyone into a room together at all times. Some companies have employees in other states or countries, which complicates scheduling due to time zones and other extenuating circumstances. Microsoft Exchange is the perfect tool for filling the gaps and making sure you’re collaborating at as high of a level as possible.

One of the biggest draws of Microsoft Exchange is its security features. It offers advanced antivirus and antispam features to keep your computers safe from infection and your inboxes free of clutter. Every message you send using Microsoft Exchange is encrypted at both the channel and message levels, helping you control who has access to communications inside and outside of your company’s network. Their multi-layer spam filtering feature updates continuously to stay ahead of any sophisticated phishing threats that might be lurking on the horizon. If you purchase Microsoft Forefront Protection for either the online or server version of Exchange, you will have the option to use additional security features.

Every business has to remain mobile. The world in which we live is dynamic and doesn’t stop for the people who decide to stay locked in their offices. Microsoft Exchange comes with a universal inbox that includes communication types such as saved instant message conversations, RSS feeds, calendar requests, rights-protected messages, voicemail, and email to name a few. The person responsible for maintaining these types of data only has to click a button synch it with hundreds of compatible devices. The level of control you have with Microsoft Exchange is unparalleled for a product of its kind.

Larger businesses have many difficulties in optimizing their workforce to carry out current projects and remain in touch with each other. When one resource falls by the wayside, it drags down the efficiency of the company as a whole. Microsoft Exchange gives your company the tools to get everyone together on one page. You can insert is as one part of your overall business strategy and reap the rewards of not having to worry about communication breaking down. Similar software exists on the market today, but none of it offers you the feature set or control that’s present in Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft has made a name for itself with their various business solutions. This software is no exception to the rule. If your business isn’t using Microsoft Exchange right now, it should implement it immediately.

If you need help setting up your system or have questions you can go to a trusted source for IT help such as Dell IT services. The time you spend figuring out how to manage your IT issues and use Microsoft Exchange to its full benefit will greatly affect your business.