Advice given to SME’s about fraud protection

Research has recently been conducted by the National Fraud Authority, and this research is going to help small businesses in the UK protect themselves against conmen and fraudsters. The research was conducted in association with the Department for Business, and it has categorised small businesses into different areas depending on how likely they are to be defrauded or become the victims of some sort of crime.

SMEs were surveyed, and it was found out that around 25 percent of the companies surveyed were subject to some sort of fraud in the last year. Most of these seem to occur over the Internet, which is a dramatic increase on previous years.

The idea behind the research is that is going to help develop various prevention strategies, which are going to help businesses protect themselves. It should also give business owners the confidence to trade online, especially if this is something that they have been afraid of previously because of fear of fraud.

The Home Office minister, Jeremy Browne, is responsible for crime prevention and he is recently commented, “Online fraud is something that is generally seen as a crime without any victim, but this is simply not the case. It is preventing people from trading online, and this is something that can prevent the growth of the economy.

This government are dedicated to combating scanners and fraudsters who operate on the Internet and damage businesses in this country. We are also working very hard to make sure that customers of these websites are also protected so that they are less likely to be the victim of fraud.”

The survey was conducted as part of the Cyber Security Programme, which has been particularly looking at preventing fraud occurring in the SME sector. One part of this is to increase the amount of punishment that fraudsters operating online get.