A complete guide to rubble sacks for building and construction sites

If you have ever worked on a building site, you will have a good idea of how messy things can get. As well as carrying out construction work, it is a builder’s responsibility to ensure any waste is disposed of properly. Rather than trying to dump heavy-duty waste into flimsy bin bags, we highly recommend investing in high quality rubble sacks. In this article we will provide a complete guide to rubble sacks for building and construction sites.

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Own a construction company? Improve your waste disposal procedures with the help of heavy duty rubble bags, designed for holding heavy and awkward refuse.

What is a rubble sack?

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to remove waste materials from your building site, you may want to consider buying in batches of rubble sacks. Whilst rubble sacks may look similar to your average bin bag, they actually differ in both strength and price.

Rubble sacks can be relied upon for holding heavy and awkward refuse. Unlike your average bin bag, rubble sacks are made from super strength materials and will not tear. They are also extremely durable and can often be re-used a number of times, helping you to make cost savings.

When it comes to purchasing rubble sacks, you will find that there are various different types to choose from. See below for more information about the different types of rubble sacks available.

Different types of rubble sacks

There are two main types of rubble sacks available today, each of which varies in characteristics and strengths. Below we have outlined the characteristics of the two different types of rubble sacks, to help you decide on the best type for the job.

Woven rubble sacks

Today woven rubble sacks are constructed from a woven synthetic textile like polypropylene, however in the past they were woven from a natural fibre like jute. This type of sack is ideal for holding and transporting heavy loads.  It is also idea for holding awkwardly shaped or sharp edged waste. Woven rubble sacks are very strong sacks, which are resistant to tearing and will make a great choice for your construction business.

One of the disadvantages of woven rubble sacks is that they are not one hundred per cent waterproof. If the building site waste you are disposing is damp, it is likely that the moisture will leak through the bag.

Plastic sheet rubble sacks

The other popular type of rubble sack is made from continuous plastic sheeting. These sacks are usually made from either polythene or polypropylene, which can vary in strength depending on whether they are low or high density. Although these sacks feel particularly light, they are incredibly strong. Plastic sheet rubble sacks tend to vary in thickness, with the thicker sacks being more suitable to heavy and awkward refuse.

Although plastic sheet rubble sacks are waterproof and durable, they tend to be priced more expensively than woven rubble sacks.

It is important to make sure you select the right type of rubble sack and the most appropriate size for the task in question. Rubble sacks also come in various different colours, which can be extremely useful if you need to separate waste for disposal.

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Rubble sack sizes

When purchasing rubble sacks (whether woven or plastic sheet) you will notice that they are available in a wide range of sizes. It is important to consider the size types before placing your order, as you do not want to end up purchasing rubble bags that are unable to accommodate the waste you need to dispose. Purchasing larger rubble sacks is a good idea, as you will be able to fit more waste inside them, which will result in less trips to the tip or recycling centre.

Rubble sack colours

Rubble sacks are also available in a wide range of colours. Although you may not think the colour of your waste disposal sacks is important, it is a good idea to purchase different colours if you need to sort your waste into different piles. For example, if you have some waste that can be recycled, you could place this inside a green rubble sack, instead of with the general waste in your black rubble sacks.  You could also consider purchasing yellow or red rubble sacks for waste that requires special disposal.

Why it is important to choose the right type of rubble sack?

When sourcing rubble sacks for your construction business, it is important to choose the best type of sack for the task in hand. If you pick up the wrong type of rubble sack for the job, it could lead to expensive and even dangerous mistakes being made. For example, if the rubble sack is not robust enough to hold the weight of the waste, it could end up scattering across the road on your journey to the recycling centre and potentially cause an accident.

It is best to buy your rubble bags from a reputable wholesale company that specialises in selling heavy duty rubble bags for construction workers and builders. You will find they offer multipack bags at affordable prices.


Where to buy rubble sacks?

Although a wide range of stores sell rubble sacks, they are often limited to small numbers and are priced expensively. If you are looking to find affordable rubble sacks that have been designed for building site waste removal, we highly recommend purchasing them from a wholesaler. They will be able to provide you with the large quantity of rubble sacks you need at a reasonable rate.