0% balance transfers with First Direct

First Direct have just launched a credit card that will allow for 0% balance transfers for the first twenty months. The credit card will work with the banks 1st Account, and is for people who will be

able to pay off their credit card each month. The zero percent rate will mean that consumers can spend on the credit card so that more money can be put towards mortgage payments or savings.

“This new card is a great way for people with debts on other cards to transfer them and be able to pay off these debts without having to worry about the monthly interest rate payments,” says Barnaby Jenkins of First Direct. The card also takes advantage of First Directs facilities such as an internet banking service. The bank also has a customer services number that can be reached 24 hours a day where you will only speak to an employee in the UK. The bank also offers a text message service to inform customers of their balance.

The benefit of credit cards is that they offer customers more protection than a debit card. This will mean that customers will not be liable for expenditure that is made on the card without their consent. This can be particularly useful with the ever increasing popularity of buying products online.